When Only God “Can Do”

Self-sufficiency is a myth perpetuated 

by pride and temporary success. (1)

John Wayne is The American Hero.  He is strong, compassionate, firm, gracious, and independent!

Most Americans are raised to be self-sufficient.  I was, so was my wife, and so were our sons.  My parents poured the importance of fierce independency within me.  Dependency was never reinforced at my house.

Independency works well when all goes well, but when times are difficult, we learn that if it were not for others we would have not survived.

Pharaoh’s dream in Genesis 41 reminded him that his years of fertility and gluttony would be followed by years of sterility and want.  With Jacob’s help he planned ahead and survived this crisis.

However, hardship can come in an instant and endure for seasons leaving no time for planning and the storing up of adequate reserves.

Most of us deplore relying upon others for help.  I do.

When I am strong and self-sufficient, I forget that I need God because I am confidant I can pull myself up by my own boot straps without Him.  This is a deadly presumption.

I once went through a 4 year struggle.  I was convinced the world was against me and that by simply enduring and plugging away, I’d reach the end of the tunnel.  Whenever I saw the light at the end of the tunnel it disappeared.

Only when I when I reach a point of desperation did I acknowledge that I was in spiritual warfare.  I was in a battle with Satan and the forces of evil and darkness.  This is a battle which none of us will ever win by ourselves no matter how strong.

It was Jesus, not John Wayne who said to me:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.” (2)

I may manage meeting most of my earthly needs on my own, but the day will come when only God will be able to help me.

My success is always less than His.

+ + +

  1. Young, Sarah (2004-10-12). Jesus Calling: Seeking Peace in His Presence (p. 127). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.
  2. 2 Corinthians 12:9.
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2 Responses to When Only God “Can Do”

  1. Jim says:

    My failures are mine… my successes God’s. I forget the source of that statement, but it resonates.

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