Women: A Gift from Heaven – Preaching Notes

Proverbs 31:10-12, 25–31

An excellent woman who can find?  She is far more precious than jewels.

The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.

She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Her children rise up and call her blessed.

Her husband also, and he praises her saying:

“Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.”

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.

Lost Identity

Women are a unique and special gift from God.

Women have always had a significant place in God’s sacred history.

Women of the Covenant

There are 188 named women in the Bible.

We can add to this list of women those who are significant, yet without names:

Two who consistently are mentioned by women of faith as mentors for them.

Esther and Ruth

Esther and Ruth were as different as night and day:

Despite their differences, God used each of them in a mighty and powerful way.


A life of pleasure and luxury was hers to be had.

A plan was hatched to kill all the Jews in the king’s kingdom.

Esther was asked to foil the plan.

She knew what happened to Queen Vasti.

She used the power of her beauty to entice the king.


Her story is radically different.

Ruth lost the loves of her life.

Naomi encouraged her to find new a new husband.

Ruth refused to leave Naomi.

She made a pledge to Yahweh.

Ruth, an alien worked hard.

Her work ethic attracted Boaz.

Esther and Ruth could have chosen to live out their lives differently.

All women are beautiful.

Esther used the power of her beauty to protect the powerless.

Ruth choose the path of a servant.

From the Heart

A third woman in the Old Testament.

She is the good wife who is extolled in Proverbs 31.

In Proverbs 31, this woman is described in two ways.

In verse 10-12 and 25-31, we are given a description of her character.

In verses 13-24, we are told what she does.

She was a stay-at-home Mom.

The most demanding job with great significance.

She found satisfaction in her labor.

She knew the work she did was invaluable and she never shied away from it.

This woman’s influence came not from her labor, but from her character.

“Give her everything she deserves and to fill her life with our praises!” (Proverbs 31:31)

10 Women of Influence at Kish

These women are resident saints.

Women are a gift from heaven.

If you are a woman … take pride

If are a man … give thanks

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