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You are NO god

Most people desire a god who will give them only what they want.  They want a small god! Why limit God to your desires? Many people say to God: “God, be me!  Do what I want, approve what I approve, like … Continue reading

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Living From Love

The hardest lesson I have learned as a Christian is that God wants me to live from His love, rather than for His love. Living for love is totally different than living from love. If you live for love, you are acknowledging the love you desire is not yet yours.  … Continue reading

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In the Facebook of Change – God Wins

Given my seemingly unconscious willingness to make purposeful change, it may stun you that when I walk into a grocery store and see they rearranged everything in the store, I usually leave. I love change when it suits my taste.  … Continue reading

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Gospel Aberrations

The ER Gospel (evolutionary righteousness gospel) and The SIR Gospel (self-improvement righteousness gospel) are the two most popular aberrations of the Christian Gospel preached in America today.  They endorse and empower our indulgent ego-centric culture. The SIR Gospel is a … Continue reading

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