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The Master’s Servant

You are slaves of the one whom you obey Romans 6:16 We are all slaves either by choice or by default. You have either chosen your Master or been chosen by a Master. I have chosen to write a Daily … Continue reading

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Living Above Circumstances

Never live above your means!  Always live above your circumstances! When I took a month long mission trip to Malawi, called the Warm Heart of Africa, I encountered the happiest people I had ever met. Malawi is one of the 10 poorest … Continue reading

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Unforgotten Yet Forgiven

We have a strange illusion that time cancels sin,  but time does nothing either to the fact  or to the guilt of a sin. (1) The blessing of time is that it dulls and whitewashes the memory of many sins. … Continue reading

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Linsanity, The Oscars, and You

Linsanity is sweeping the nation. Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has released a new ice cream flavor in honor of Jeremy Lin, the out-of-the-blue star point guard for the New York Knicks. My advice for Jeremy Lin is to remain humble and … Continue reading

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