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God is Never Alone Without You

One of the overarching realities of the Christian faith is that God is omnipresent.  God resides in every space of His creation at every moment. God’s presence with us is not in the form of big brother or the man … Continue reading

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“We must understand the difference between  what is priceless and what is cheap,  what is important and what is trivial.” (1) Who said this? Based on the success of MasterCard’s ad campaign, I suspect many would guess that these famous words were pinned … Continue reading

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By Invitation Only

I invited 128 friends to an party at my house yesterday and no one came.  Even my wife refused to join the festivities.  Obviously the social fabric of my Facebook network of friends is torn. It was a humbling experience … Continue reading

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I Have Kicked My Drug Addiction

I have been drug-free for a whole week.  Until last Thursday evening I was popping pills left and right … pain killers, steroids, and muscle relaxants.  I had to do something to mask my back pain.  I was living in … Continue reading

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Sprinklers and Souls

Every evening Rori and I take a long walk around our neighborhood. During our recent 4-5 week dry spell we had to be on the lookout for sprinklers that watered sidewalks and walkers as well as lawns.  Rori prefers to … Continue reading

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Reclamation 316

As part of my pre-marital counseling I remind Prince Charming and Cinderella that each comes into their marriage as damaged goods.  Their reaction to this bit of wisdom is a stunned look of shock saying, “Not me! Not us!”  Those … Continue reading

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