More than Words

Writing is more than putting letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and thoughts  together.

Writing is expressive self-revelation.  It is an unveiling of the unseen, often hidden, and not fully understood self to the world.

Writing is the liberation of one’s self from one’s self.  It is the throwing open of a window to freshen the air of one’s life.  It is the opening of a door to welcome in friends and strangers for a conversation about the contents of one’s soul.

Writing is the public expression of the unknown self, an autobiographical press release of the unseen events of your heart and mind.

I have not written for personal pleasure for three months.  My close friends know this is not a good sign for me.  It means that I have batten-down the hatches, tucked in my head, and burrowed my way through the sludge of daily life.  It means I have been in a self-protective mode, unwilling, and perhaps, unable, to let others see my soul.

One of the reasons I titled this blog Reclamation316 is because I have found that if I am not writing, it means I have lost my way.  It means the soil of my life has become stale and contaminated, sterilized of feeling and emotion, generally unproductive and non-relational.

Writing is the way in which I reclaim my life.  When I write I am making the statement This is me! This is Rus!

Writing is not a boasting that I am right and you are wrong.  Rather, it is the laying out of the stakes that define who I am, today.  You may neither like nor agree with where I stand in the depths of my soul.  I understand.  I write neither for affirmation nor for acceptance.

In fact, there are times when I am displeased with the state of my soul.  I find myself disagreeable to myself.  In these states of internal constipation and indigestion, writing becomes a laxative, a working out of the ambivalences at battle deep within my soul.

Thus, I have committed myself to write regularly, again.  I need to reclaim my soul, to let in fresh air, and to pull back the curtain letting you see me again.

If I stop writing regularly, please send me a get well card or a note of encouragement because when I do not write it means all is not well with my soul or that the world’s ill have driven me into a hole.

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3 Responses to More than Words

  1. Dad says:

    The You Tube commercial was funny. Wonder if it really sells cars.

  2. Rus Howard says:

    What You Tube commercial?

  3. Dad says:

    It came up at the bottom of your column yesterday—a funny, sexy, salacious commercial for Nissan, according to what was on the You Tube. It’s gone today, thank goodness. If your blog linked into YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter? It could have come through on some type of linkage.

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