Whispering Lovers

God has spoken to us, let us speak to God  (1)

While you will always hear more from listening, those who love you want to know what is on your heart.

Praying is letting God know what is on your heart.

When I counsel couples whose marriages are in trouble, I am amazed at how much pain each person bears silently.  Anger is easily expressed, but hurt, pain, longing, the emotions which lay heavy the heart, are often suppressed.

Oh, but what a blessing when someone speaks from the heart, pouring out their longing and grief, not in rage, but in tears.  Whole marriages change in these precious moments.

I marvel at the tenderness offered when a spouse speaks from the heart.  The harsh words of anger and blame are covered and washed away with the soothing oil of compassionate words and consolation.

Speaking to God from the heart, praying, allows us to hear tender words of grace, forgiveness, and love from God.

If we want to hear the whispers of God’s love, we must speak to Him from  our heart.

What a privilege is intimate communion with the Father of our spirits! (1)

What a shame that so many of us turn from this privilege.

Pray to God and your soul will grow rich.

Pray and He will speak to you.  He will tell you of His love.  He will guide you through the valley.  He will lead you to still water.

There is nothing more precious than the whispers of lovers.

“Pray without ceasing.” Ephesians 6:18


  1. Charles H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening : Daily Readings, Complete and unabridged; New modern edition. (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2006).
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