Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday.

Today is Ash Wednesday.

Yesterday was party day.

Today we confess.

I have always thought that these days were mismatched.

Excess immediately prior to penance.

Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

It never made sense to me.

I always felt there was a better way to prepare for Ash Wednesday.

When Jesus turned towards Jerusalem near the end of His earthly ministry, He knew the end of the story.  He did not kick off the event with a wild party.  Why should I?

Oswald Chambers frequently asks, “Are you willing to become broken bread and pour-out wine for God?

This a good question to ask on Ash Wednesday and everyday during Lent.

Am I willing to broken be for Jesus?

He died on the cross, His bones broken, His veins gashed for my sake.

What sacrifice am I willing to make for Him?

Some believe giving up chocolate, candy, or a simple pleasure for Lent is a sacrifice

comparable to Jesus dying on the cross.  I do not.

If we are going to sacrifice like Jesus, then we need to offer God a sacrifice that pleases Him, not us.

David wrote in Psalm 51:17: “The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit and a contrite heart.”

What are you willing to give up for Jesus?  What will break your heart to give up for God?

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