You are NO god

Most people desire a god who will give them only what they want.  They want a small god!

Why limit God to your desires?

Many people say to God:

God, be me!  Do what I want, approve what I approve, like what I like, believe what I believe.”

Not only is this the height of egotistical self-centeredness, but it is small thinking.

Do you really want a god who is no more and no better than you?  I don’t!

If God is not omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent …

… If God is not the alpha and the omega …

… If God is not in all, over all, and through all …

… If God is not pure, holy, and worthy of praise and obedience ….

Then, I have no desire for Him.

Socrates taught, “Know thyself!”

I know myself and I can tell you this with absolute certainty, “I am NO god!”

If I am the very best God can be, then we are in deep trouble.

Moses said to God, “If I the people say to me, ‘What is God’s name?’  What shall I say to them?”  

God said to Moses, “Tell them, I am who I am.” (Exodus 3:13-14)

God is who He wants to be.  He chose to be the creator of heaven and earth.  He chose to be holy and pure!  He chose to be the God of justice with a heart for the poor, lonely, and outcast!

He also chose to be a servant savior, dying for the forgiveness of our sins.

I love my neighbor, but I do  not intend to die for his sins. In fact, dying for my neighbor’s sin is something I would never do, much less consider.

Jesus said,

There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends.  John 15:13

If God was a mirror image of me or, perhaps you, would God be so merciful, so loving, so gracious, so forgiving?

Quit longing and stop searching, for a god who is just like you.  He’d be a major disappointment to you and to the rest of us.

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