The Master’s Servant

You are slaves of the one whom you obey

Romans 6:16

We are all slaves either by choice or by default.

You have either chosen your Master or been chosen by a Master.

I have chosen to write a Daily Devotional as part of my my ministry.  I have been traveling the past 4 days.  Finding time to read and write has been difficult. I could have chosen to skip writing this week, but I can not. I have chosen to be a slave to this commitment.  I do regret my decision.

Addicts are slaves to their addictions.  While their addiction began as a choice, it quickly became a bondage, which they eventually regretted.

Most of us are repulsed by the concept of being slaves.  We prefer to be called servants.  Being a servant denotes a sense of freedom of choice.  Being a slave connotes being in bondage.

In the Bible the words for slave and servant are used interchangeably.  A servant freely chooses his bondage.

Jesus recognized that He was both servant and slave:

To be great you must be a servant, and to be be first you must be a slave, even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, to give his life as a ransom for many.  (Matthew 20:26-28)

Jesus bound Himself to His decision to die for our sins.  He could not walk away because He had bound Himself into His Master’s service.

This is why He did not defend Himself when falsely accused.  This is why He went to the cross in silence.  This is why He remained a servant, washing His disciples feet hours before they all betrayed and denied Him.

His enslavement led to His death and our life.

Many are enslaved to things which lead to death, rather than life.

In fact, there is only one enslavement which leads to life.  That is the decision to bind yourself to the Lord God, to Jesus.

Being in service to God is not easy.  Jesus proved this.  Joshua chose to serve God even while recognizing that, like every Master, He is a holy and jealous God. (Joshua 24:19)

Choose your Master carefully.

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