Ask Less, Accept More

In my preaching, teaching, and counseling I tell Christians, “God will provide!”

In my personal life, I ask God to provide more.

There is a disconnect between my teaching and my living.

It makes since that if I trusted God to provide, then I would not busy myself with asking God to provide specific things to me.  Likewise, if I trusted God to provide, then I would graciously accept the bounty of His provisions.

I frequently pray, “Thy will be done!”  Yet, like a used car salesman, I promote my will to God as the better will for Him to embrace.  The implication is that God will not provide well enough for me.

I am always asking for more, because I accept less of what God provides for me.  Do not misunderstand, God provides plenty for me.  He provides more than I deserve and more than I need.  My sin is that I want Him to provide something else.

Jesus taught that anyone who leaves all and follows Him will receive 100 times more from God in this life, than they would receive from the world. (Mark 10:17-30, especially vs 29 and 30)

Jesus also taught that He was going to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and to secure eternal life with God for anyone who believed in Him. (John 3:16-17)

Jesus teaches:

God will provide us with the best of both worlds.

Yet, as Jesus was heading to Jerusalem to die on the cross James and John asked Him for more.  They wanted to sit on Jesus’ left and right as he sat on His throne in heaven. (Mark 10:35-37)

Why do we ask for more from God when he already has given us the best of both worlds?

The closer I get to Holy Week and Good Friday, the more I remind myself, “Ask less and accept more!”

What are you asking God for?

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