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Spiritual Leakage

Spiritual leakage sounds innocent enough. In most cases a leak is a minor inconvenience: A leaking tire needs a patch; A leaking faucet needs a washer; A leaking diaper needs a replacement. But if left unattended any leak will create a … Continue reading

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Touch Fouls

The Lord has been teaching me about my utter weakness in the presence of temptation. I have grown significantly in knowledge, but I have not grown in grace and feel that I actually don’t have any more power over sin … Continue reading

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Man-to-Man vs Zone Defense

When it comes to playing defense, do you prefer man-to-man or zone? I love Man-to-Man Defense, but it has one major problem, everyone on the team must play it well.  One open receiver on a football team can score the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Warfare

It felt strange preaching on Spiritual Warfare in worship yesterday.  I am certain a few folk were uncomfortable with the topic.  Many believers prefer to dwell on the positive attributes of being a Christian and avoid conversations about the devil, … Continue reading

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A Storm Is Brewing

A prayer for a Psalm 46 Day. Lord, the storms outside are ferocious this morning. The rain is coming down in sheets, the winds are brisk, and the lightning is spectacular.  It makes me want to pull up the covers and … Continue reading

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A Reality Check

When I was a kid three of my favorite board games were Blitzkrieg, Waterloo, and Battle of the Bulge.  These were realistic board games in which we, as kids, re-fought the epic battles of WWII.  The American and her allies … Continue reading

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