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Living Above Circumstances

Never live above your means!  Always live above your circumstances! When I took a month long mission trip to Malawi, called the Warm Heart of Africa, I encountered the happiest people I had ever met. Malawi is one of the 10 poorest … Continue reading

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God is Never Alone Without You

One of the overarching realities of the Christian faith is that God is omnipresent.  God resides in every space of His creation at every moment. God’s presence with us is not in the form of big brother or the man … Continue reading

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Dumb Things We Do!

Last Friday I paid a Service Technician from Sears $117 to tell me that our dishwasher at home was DOA. In his compassion he offered that for a mere $436 he could revive it and guarantee it’s resurrection for 90 days. … Continue reading

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Farmers Are My Heroes

Farmers are my heroes.  The fruit of their labor brings me great joy.  The faith of their labor encourages me. An hour before dinner tonight I got in my car and drove a few miles down the road to a … Continue reading

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Family Dinner

Families are interesting, unique, and surprisingly predictable.  Too bad we no longer make them a priority. It has been a focused-on-family month for me. Rori and I spent 3 weeks in Florida, interacting with my family; We are in the … Continue reading

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