Watching Corn Grow

Yesterday evening Rori and I enjoyed Illinois’ home-grown Sweet Corn for dinner.  The corn was just a few hours removed from the farmer’s field.  Man was it good.  I have yet to eat Sweet Corn as good as what you can find in Illinois.  It’s God’s best sweet corn.

This spring the phrase watching corn grow has taken on significant meaning for me.  As I settle into ministry at Kishwaukee Community Church, I have found the most relaxing route to and from work is along the hardtops, back roads, that cut through acres and acres of corn fields.

It was not until May 15 that many farmers were able to plant their corn this year.  A week later the corn sprouted, as young and tender as a new born infant.  A week later you could see tiny rows of green in the fields. A sea of green waves followed.  Even as I watched it grow, I speculated that there was no way it would be knee high by the 4th of July.  My wiser friends, told it would be higher than that, perhaps shoulder high.

Day by day I watched the corn grow.  By the time I left for vacation on June 29, the corn was above my knees and pushing above my waist.  Three weeks later the corn was 8 feet high, standing tall like a man in his prime.

Four feet in 21 days, that’s 2.25 inches a day.  This is growth you can see from sunrise to sunset. I can now say I have watched corn grow.  It is not as boring as the phrase implies.  It’s exciting to see God at work.

Scientists and agriculturists will rave about all of the advances they have made in the growth and production of corn.  While I will admit, their work has been remarkable, I remind myself not to give them all the credit.  They did not invent corn, God did!

Corn is a created blessing.  So is the rich soil in Illinois.  Our spring and summer weather, a balanced mixture of rain and heat, is of God’s creation.  It is all a gift to us from God.

Illinois’ corn helps feed the world.  Her sweet corn is one of the greatest dinner treats you will ever enjoy.  We will have more tonight.

Tonight’s dinner blessing will includes special thanks to God for the sweetness of his providential and bountiful creation.

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  1. D.A.Howard says:

    WOW! That’s real farm talk!

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