Man-to-Man vs Zone Defense

When it comes to playing defense, do you prefer man-to-man or zone?

I love Man-to-Man Defense, but it has one major problem, everyone on the team must play it well.  One open receiver on a football team can score the winning touchdown.  One open guard on a basketball team can kill you shooting lights out with 3 pointers.  Man-to-Man defense can leave you vulnerable if you have a weak defensive link.

Generally I hate Zone Defense.  Yet, I love it when it gives Troy Polamula the freedom to roam the football field for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I love a it when it allows my Tar Heels to double-team Duke’s best offensive player to win the NCAA Basketball Championship.

The one defensive scheme I deplore is the Prevent Defense.  This has to be the most awful defensive scheme used in any sport, even though it is used regularly by every coach in every league when they are trying to hang on to a slim lead.  I call it the Pray-the-clock-runs-out-before-they-score Defense.

Some people believe that you can win a championship on offense alone.  These teams play the Head-in-the-Sand Defense, which won’t work.  Never has, never will.

When it comes to protecting yourself spiritually, which defense scheme do you deploy?

We will be exploring this question at Worship this Sunday, July 31, at 8:30 or 10:00 AM, when I  preach on the first step in defending yourself during spiritual warfare.

Please join us for worship at Kishwaukee Community Church, 8195 Kishwaukee Road, in Stillman Valley, IL (5 miles south of the Rockford International Airport)

Oh yeah … bring your A-Game with you.

See you Sunday.

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1 Response to Man-to-Man vs Zone Defense

  1. D.A.Howard says:

    So you must be pleased the Tar Heels picked their defense coordinator as interim coach.

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