Evolutionary Politics

I was surprised when GOP Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman voluntarily revealed that he believed in evolution.  It was a stunning PR move, which beat the national media in it’s campaign to bash Christians running for President.

GOP Presidential candidates have been asked by the national media, “Do you believe in evolution?”  Who cares?  What difference will someone’s belief or disbelief in evolution make in how one will serve the country as President?

The only difference it makes is in how the national media portrays the Presidential candidate.  If someone does not believe in evolution, then the national press labels them as a right wing dim-witted, self-righteous, mean-spirited crazy Christian who will force everyone to go to an evangelical baptist church for worship 3 times a week.

It’s all part of the liberal media’s focus on bashing Christians, our faith, and the Christian Church in America, but that’s another story which I will speak about in an upcoming blog about religious atheism.  Back to our theme – evolutionary politics.

There are two distinct forms of evolution as it is discussed and understood.  There is micro-evolution and macro-evolution.

Micro-evolution is the belief that within a specific species the DNA of an animal or plant has evolved in order to better adapt to it’s environment and needs.  For example (this is for illustrative purposes only) a particular species of birds will grow larger wings in order to fly at greater heights and for longer distances.  There is significant empirical scientific evidence to support belief in micro-evolution.

Macro-evolution is the belief that a species, through changes in it’s DNA has evolved into a distinctively different species.  For example, (again for illustrative purposes only) a rabbit evolved into a coyote. There is a significant lack of empirical scientific evidence to prove this theory, only scientific conjecture.

You can believe in micro-evolution while not believing in macro-evolution.

The media corps trailing the GOP Presidential candidates does not want to make this distinction.  They want to paint you, us, me into their corner.  Your response will mean you are either a dim-witted fool or a smart atheist (their interpretation).  This reveals another one of their biases, Christians cannot believe in evolution.

As a Christian I accept the scientific proof for micro-evolution.  I cannot find any empirical evidence to support belief in macro-evolution.

Ask me if I believe in evolution.  For a friend I will give a detailed honest answer.  For the press, I will smile and walk away.  If I were a GOP candidate running for President, I would answer the question with a Yes before I was asked.

Jon Huntsman dodged the bullet.  He took the initiative and beat the press at their own game.  No one in the liberal press is smart enough or brave enough to ask him if he believes in both micro-evolution and macro-evolution.  Huntsman out-gamed them.  He has successfully charmed the liberal media.  No other GOP candidate has done this.

But then again, does it really matter if our next President believes in evolution, micro or macro, or not?

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2 Responses to Evolutionary Politics

  1. Jim says:

    Answering your last question first: No.

    Here is my confusion. Is Huntsman categorized as a Christian candidate? I thought he was LDS (Mormon)?

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