TP’ing the Church

Help us TP Kishwaukee Church this Sunday!

There are two times in our lives when we get excited about toilet paper.  When we are on the toilet and learn we are out and when our homes are TP’ed by friends.

One of our close friends is always running short on toilet paper.  The Rockford Rescue Mission, which serves 200 men, women, and children every day is running low on toilet paper.  We want to TP the Mission in a Christian sort of way. Thus we are asking all of our members to bring toilet paper to Church this Sunday at Kishwaukee Community Church.

Their need reminds me of an unusual experience I had in China several years ago.  I was stuck in the airport for 6 hours waiting for my host to pick me up.  I do not speak Chinese, so I was left to rely upon sounds and gestures to communicate with others.

At some point, since I had already been in transit for 26 hours, I needed to use the toilet.  I usually try to avoid using the toilet in airport, but when nature calls, you must respond.

As I was using the toilet, I started to hear these strange sounds being made outside of my stall.  I ignored the sound, pretending to be engrossed in reading The Chinese Daily News (pictures only).

The strange sounds not only persisted, but became louder and louder.  It felt like someone was standing outside my private cubby speaking to me.  I was busy, surely the matter was not that urgent and another space would open up soon.

After another minute the intruder bumped my door.  I decided to make sure I had my passport in case Chinese Customs was on the hunt for me.  When I looked down to my carry-on bag, I noticed a hand protruding under the door to my privy.  In the hand, which was waving madly, was a wad of toilet paper.

It was then that I noticed that I needed some TP.  There was none in the stall.  I gratefully accepted the first handful, and then the second.  It was an adequate supply.  When I stood to leave private place, I opened the door to see the familiar hand stretched out waiting for a tip.

How much do you tip the person who gives you toilet paper when you are in need?  I stared at the handful of Chinese bills in my pocket.  How much were they worth?  Which was an equivalent $1 bill and which might be a $10 bill?

Being somewhat embarrassed about having to share a private moment with a stranger, I handed him a bill.  I still do not know how much I tipped the gentleman, but it must have been way too much, perhaps an equivalent $100 bill.  When I went to dry my hands, he started pulling paper towels out of the dispenser for me.  I politely smiled and grabbed my own.

I must confess, I was grateful that a stranger gave me toilet paper in my time of need.  It was a Matthew 25:37-40 thing.

Even if you do not live in Stillman Valley or Rockford, the mission in the community near you may need some toilet paper.  Thus, when you buy beans for their Food Pantry, it might be wise and will be helpful to buy some toilet paper for the Custodian’s Closet.

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  1. dh says:

    That’s called sign language.

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